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Amandyn's In-ear monitors

SLX Custom In-Ear

"Amandyn Roses"

Single model

SLX Armonic 4 drivers -25dB

THERMO-SOFT® moulded
Mirror faceplates

Made in France (Haut-De-France)

Charlie's guitars

Charlie's amp

Redplate Blackverb

"Charlie Fabert"

It is a true 50 watts (2 6L6) with amazing headroom, stackable overdrive and a musical and luscious tube-driven reverb.  Like all RedPlate amps the BlackVerb is handbuilt, point to point (eyelet board) construction.  Reliable, quiet and ready to rock

"I became aware of Charlie in 2011 and knew he would appreciate what a Redplate amp would do for his playing by allowing him to hear on stage the tones in his head"

Henry Heistand (Redplate Amps)