Rosedale band, which incredible rise is easy to understand due to the amazing quality of Amandyn's voice, of her tight complicity with Charlie Fabert's magical guitar and of the modernity of their musical universe, are back with their new album « Wide Awake » (release date November 9th, 2018  Dixiefrog Records).

Rosedale reintreprets American roots music with an approach as fresh as personal. Musically, expect some electrical, some loud but also some deep sensibility. When they both decided to create Rosedale in June 2016, Charlie had already achieved a rich résumé. He played, amongst others, with Paul Cox, Janet Robin, Dave White and had been Fred Chapellier's sidekick for 7 years. A total mastering of his instrument allows him to be at ease in any genre : funky rhythms sounding like Stevie Ray Vaughan, angry riffs à la Jimmy Page, typical classic blues soli that Clapton would acknowledge, and lyrical musings looking like what Gary Moore or Bonamassa would do. A virtuosity which is never demonstrative, always at the song's service. It didn't take Rosedale long to throw a stone in the French blues-rock scene, blowing a fresh, new and lovely wind on it. 

In May 2017, Rosedale hit the stage of the famous NEW MORNING to introduce their first album  «Long Way To Go» (Dixiefrog records), released in 7 European countries and even in Japan. A first studio album that was finely produced, mixed at Nashville by John Rausch who recorded famous artists such as Birdy, Beth Hart, and who was nominated for the Grammy Awards concerning his work on Taylor Swift's  « Red » album. Trade magazines ranked « Long Way To Go » in their listings of the best new 2017 albums, their first videoclip reached 180 000 views on Facebook within a few weeks and numerous proposals for a date lead to a tour which saw the band perform in many festivals and many French venues (Cognac Blues Passions, Guitare en Scène...) but also abroad (Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands...), opening for artists like Joe Satriani, Dead Daisies, Lucky Peterson, Nanette Workman, Elliot Murphy and John "Rhino" Edwards (Status Quo).


The alchemy is perfect: Amandyn's voice goes through the mix and gets us head over heels, the (numerous) guitars echo her while weaving a large sound panorama, the keyboards highlight the lot and the strong and energetic rhythm session comes forward as a streamroller. The « made in France » bands which achieved such a rise and stardom are few. Rosedale made it happen, being not only 2017's biggest revelation but also one of the most performing band on stage.

Dixiefrog decided to sign their second album «Wide Awake » which will be available on November 9th 2018. The French Realease party will take place on November 26th at the New Morning (Paris) and German release party on December 7th in Esslingen. Wide Awake remains in the continuity of Long Way To Go: a modern and personal blues rock with shades of dark, sometimes slow and theatrical, sometimes rock n'roll and up-tempo. Even if they composed and wrote most of the album, Amandyn and Charlie got surrounded again by other talented artists to co-author some of the 10 compositions of this new album. Indeed, Larry Telford (keyboard player and composer of the famous American Southern rock band Point Blank) wrote 2 texts (Troublemaker and Racing at the wheel), We can also find English singer Paul Cox who is a special guest on the track Down the line, singing along in a duet with Amandyn. Other special guests are mythical German blues guitar player Freischlader who blends his guitar inspirations with Charlie's ones on the track Drifting. On other tracks, Rosedale is joined by a brass session, a choir and a harp, always looking for new sounds which add more shades to their already-asserted colour. But Rosedale remain above all Rosedale, and keep the solid cement one expects from them: a solid drum and bass rhythm session, Hammond organ layers and blues piano, loads of electric guitars and of course, Amandyn's voice, strong and unique. 

Wide Awake was mixed by the awesome Grammy Award winner Jared Kvitka (Joe Bonamassa, Beth Hart, Iron Maiden...) who worked from his Los Angeles studio. The band gets ready for a 2019 tour which will go through many European countries. 

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